Nikolai Timkov

by Cathy Locke

"In the vicinity of the academic," 1972-74. Oil on canvas. 100cm x 190cm

In 2018, the Museum-Exhibition Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, referred to as the St. Petersburg Artist, opened a solo exhibition of the work of Nikolai Efimovich Timkov (1912-1993). Recognized worldwide for his creative excellence Timkov is considered one of the greatest masters of landscape painting from the Leningrad School of Painting. The last solo exhibition of Timkov's work was held in Russia a quarter of a century ago in 1993 at the halls of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. In the 1990s, after the death of the artist, more than a thousand paintings (most of his creative heritage) went abroad to private collections and art museums. The exposition includes art works from private collections in St. Petersburg and represents important part of the unique heritage of this master. These paintings and sketches trace Timkov’s artistic journey from his early works created in the postwar decade, up to his mature works of 1960-1980.

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"Summer Evening," 1980-83. Oil on canvas. 85cm x 178cm


About Nikolai Timkov

Nikolai Timkov is one of the most famous and recognizable Russian landscape painters of the middle and the second half of the 20th century. Beginning his studies at the Rostov Art College, where in the 1920s the influence of the Russian landscape school of the nineteenth century was preserved. After graduation Timkov went to Moscow were he joined other artists as part of the The Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR). The Moscow period for the young painter was a time of exploration and self-education. During this time Timkov was influenced by artists Pavel Radimov (1887-1967), Mikhail Nesterov (1862-1942), Sergey Malyutin (1859-1937) and Isaak Brodsky (1884-1939). On Brodsky’s recommendation Timkov moved to Leningrad and in 1933 entered the painting faculty of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the All-Russian Academy of Arts. In 1939 Nikolai Timkov graduated from Brodsky’s workshop to quickly become a well-established master. Today, his artwork is an integral part of the history of the Leningrad School of Painting. Timkov's works are recognizable by their decorative colors, clear composition and complex texture.

"Winter Day," 1977. Oil on canvas. 110cm x 150cm

About the St. Petersburg Artist Gallery

Museum-exhibition center known as the “St. Petersburg Artist” specializes in realistic art of the twentieth century. The permanent exhibition is assembled from a substantial collection of works by artists of the Leningrad School of Painting, who bring back the lyrical realism of the Soviet epoch of the 1930-1990s. The exhibition center also holds temporary painting exhibitions of other remarkable realist painters. Here you can find and acquire the extraordinary artwork that is verified by experts to build your own private collection. The gallery also offers concerts, theatrical performances, master-classes and creative meetings. With an apartment-like atmosphere, surrounded by the art and beauty, you might spend a wonderful time here. The art gallery is located in the historic building on the Moyka River Embankment, a few steps from the Mariinsky Theater, New Holland Island, Yusupov Palace and St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

About the Leningrad School of Painting

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Bear Mountain in Gurzuff


Ural. The Late Autumn