Lev Russov

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Russian painter Lev Alexandrovich Russov (1926-1987) studied art in Leningrad until December 1941, when he and his mother evacuated from the siege to the Gorky region of Russia. In 1945, they returned to Leningrad, where Russov studied at the Tavricheskaya Art School, and graduated in 1947. Russov’s paintings from the period of the 1950s-80s were his highest artistic peak and constitute the most valuable part of his diverse artistic heritage. They are distinguished by an extraordinary expressive images, daring compositional decisions, unmistakable artistic taste. The color palette is dominated by pearl and purple hues. Creative manner of the artist featured a powerful pictorial language, a broad style of painting, sharp composition, interest in the unusual angles. Lev Russov possessing a rare ability to catch the fleeting state of nature quickly put into a canvas picturesque idea - immediately and extremely convincing. He created the images combine the expressiveness of the individual characteristics of a vivid reflection of the typical features of contemporaries.

In his portraits Lev Russov can catch a direct state of nature, which, if prolonged posturing elude the majority of artists. This first impression he knows how to keep to the end and to convey to the viewer. Therefore, the nature of his works live, and this feeling of living eyes of living people - perhaps the most exciting in the works of the artist. Along with the expressive form of portraits of Lev Russov different depth and psychological images, careful selection and study of nature. This was another important reason for the success of his works. Many of the best works of this period Lev Russov painted in a Pavshino village on the Oredezh river near Leningrad, where in late 1950 settled a group of young artists.


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Russov Lev
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