Art Collection

Hermitage Museum | 1700s Collection

By the end of the eighteenth century the Hermitage Museum was already one of Europe’s finest museums. Catherine the Great had acquired not only a wide variety of classical works, but also paintings by contemporary western artists. Catherine defined the trends in collecting, which set high standards that have been impossible to ignore ever since. 


Art Movement

Contemporary Art in Russia 1954-1990

Art movements in Russia made a dramatic shift with Stalin’s death in 1953, marking the end of Soviet Realism and the beginning of Russian contemporary art. In a direct response to the severe restrictions of Stalin,  Russian artists went off in numerous creative directions experimenting with new styles and themes.

Art Practice

The Art of the Ancients

Serena Kovalosky is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional “gourdcraft” to create fine art sculptures that celebrate the organic form. Kovalosky experimented with numerous sculptural mediums, until lacquered gourd art forever changed her work. 

Art Review

Changes in Portraiture

Today’s portraiture has become a storytelling medium that is as powerful as ever at opening one’s eyes to the visual culture that surrounds us.


Korzhev, Gely | I Have the Right

An extraordinary retrospective of the work by the Russian artist Gely Korzhev at the Tretyakov Gallery. In a class of its own, his work was never fully understood by his contemporaries, yet it is an invaluable key to understanding the history of post-war Russian art.