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Wallace Collection | London

The Wallace Collection is a museum in London occupying Hertford House in Manchester Square, the former townhouse of the Seymour family, Marquesses of Hertford. It is named after Sir Richard Wallace, who built the extensive collection, along with the Marquesses of Hertford, in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Munkácsy | Mihály Munkácsy

Europe’s highest paid painter of the late 1800s, Munkácsy was able to elevate historical genre painting to a new level of sophistication through his mastery of psychological insight and his personal empathy for the oppressed man. 

Art Review

The Composition of Art and Sight

Art that can be viewed in museums and can be consumed in galleries is curated to create a culture in which there is one shared aspect, perception. The way we take in art and interpret it is a very important factor in the visualization of art pieces. True art lies in the viewer's capability to experience it. To view art is one thing, to actually perceive it, analyze it, and discuss it within the group you belong to is another.

Art Practice


Caravaggio | His Big Break

Caravaggio’s early figurative paintings introduced the Roman public to a new genre that quickly began to attract collectors. The Flute Player is one of the first of these promotional paintings.

Art Movements