Reflections on a Genius: Marie Bashkirtseff

Joel L. Schiff, author of "Portrait of Young Genius – The Life and Art of Marie Bashkirtseff," takes an inside look at the extraordinary Marie Bashkirtseff. A pioneer in women's rights, who trained at the famous Académie Julian in Paris, Marie stands out for her many accomplishments. 


Malevich, Kazimir | A Tragic Visionary

Russian Avant Garde artist Kazimir Malevich is best known for Suprematism. Malevich was very interested in Eastern philosophy and used it as a base from which to work. He felt he was much like God, because he too created things that had never existed before.

Art Movement

Contemporary Art in Russia 1954-1990

Art movements in Russia made a dramatic shift with Stalin’s death in 1953, marking the end of Soviet Realism and the beginning of Russian contemporary art. In a direct response to the severe restrictions of Stalin,  Russian artists went off in numerous creative directions experimenting with new styles and themes.

Art Practice

Art Reviews

Fables in Art

British author, Judith Brown, compares the artwork of Jean-Baptiste Oudry and Marc Chagall, and their very different views of Aesop fables. 


Kandinsky | Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky created a new world of abstract art that he labeled as “concrete art.” Up to the very end Kandinsky never doubted his work and felt he was creating a new language of art. In this last body of work he was compared to his contemporaries Miro and Arp, who he had adapted many ideas from.