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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Artist Kathleen Lack discusses her recent visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Built with the intent of creating a cultural epicenter and as the perfect location for an ever-growing art collection, today the museum is a visual delight. You truly feel that you have been invited into someone’s Venetian palace for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is a museum of inspiration, that feeds your soul, as any good museum should do!
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Art Review

Art Movement

American Impressionists

American artists, trained at the Academie Julian in Paris, became the first American Impressionists. They started two schools of art known as the Boston School and Rockport School. 



Nesterov | Mikhail Nesterov

Mikhail Nesterov was an artist whose work bridged the great shift in Russian political power of the twentieth century. To those of us in the West this means very little, but to a Russian artist who produced from the Tsarist regime through the 1917 Revolution and on into Stalin’s realm, it means quite a bit. 

Art Review

The Composition of Art and Sight

Art that can be viewed in museums and can be consumed in galleries is curated to create a culture in which there is one shared aspect, perception. The way we take in art and interpret it is a very important factor in the visualization of art pieces. True art lies in the viewer's capability to experience it. To view art is one thing, to actually perceive it, analyze it, and discuss it within the group you belong to is another.