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Ateneum Art Museum

Opened in 1888, Ateneum Art Museum is Finland’s oldest and largest art collection. The collection contains some of the best of the Finnish Golden age (1880-1910) as well as artwork from Scandinavia, Europe and Russia.


Yablonskaya | Tatiana Yablonskaya

In this article about renowned Ukrainian artist Tatiana Yablonskaya, the Tretyakov Gallery reconstructs the  cultural and biographical background of her most famous work, Grain (1949), and give some vital substance to “the artist’s portrait in the context of her time.”

Art Movement

Art Practice


Renoir, Pierre | Finding Structure

A comprehensive lecture on Renoir's use of color and composition through out his career. Renoir was a far more complex and thoughtful painter than is generally known. Discussion includes a video lecture as well as text and images spanning Renoir's entire career. 

Art Movements