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For the past five years I have been organizing and leading art tours to Russia where I lecture on both European and Russian art. On the tour we visit three museums in Moscow – the Tretyakov Gallery, New Tretyakov Gallery and Pushkin Museum of Fine Art – and two in St. Petersburg – the State Hermitage Museum and Russian Museum. I have traveled to Russia many times in preparation for my lectures, hiring docents from each of these museums in order to learn about their collections. I have also hired various experts including Russian university professors to educate me on specific artists and art movements. I have read many books and painstakingly translated those written in Russian. The best way to describe my interest in the art in Russia is to say that I fell down a rabbit hole! As an artist myself at first I was curious to see what I could learn, then my interest became an all-consuming passion. Walking around these museums I have been in awe more times than I can count. I greatly applaud the Russian artists and collectors whose bravery far surpasses anything we could even imagine in the West. I created this blog in order to share my lectures and the artwork in Russia.

– Cathy Locke

For more information:
Russian Art Tour –

Cathy’s artwork –

  1. Beautiful paintings and just the right amount of commentary.

  2. Joyce Creswell permalink

    You’ve included one of my favorite artists Abram Arkhipov in your blog. I’m so happy to see so many of his paintings. Love your work and thanks for all the wonderful information. You inspire me!

  3. Dear Cathy:

    In have come across your video on the Russian symbolists on Youtube becasuse of my present research on Russian born Venezuelan artist NICOLAI FERDINANDOFF. He was a close friend of Venezuelan famous painter ARMANDO REVERÓN. I am interested in sharing information you may have on Russian museums that may have in their collections works by Ferdinandoff (b. 1886-d.1925). Please send an e-mail if you think mutual interests cooperation is viable. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,


  4. Dear Cathy,

    I came across your video on Russian symbolists painters as part of my present research on Russian born Venezuelan artist NICOLAI FERDINANDOFF, a close relation to famous Venezuelan painter ARMANDO REVERÓN.

    I am interested in finding information on Russian art museums that may have works by FERDINANDOFF in their collections. If you think we can cooperate for our mutual benefit in this research please let me know by e-mail:

    Thank you and I remain,

    Sincerely yours


  5. Peter-Tamara Kassebaum permalink

    Hi, we purchased some of your incredible pastels from the upstairs gallery in Healdsburg a few months ago. Both are nudes. One was framed the other unframed but we had it framed. Great pieces! We loved them. Coincidentally my wife is Russian. No idea until tonight that you have an interest in Russian art. We have a friend who is a Russian artist and who lives in Seattle. Emily might be someone to connect with at some point. We have hung your work and it joins other pieces in our home.

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