Moiseyenko, Evsey

Evsey Moiseyenko (1916-1988) was an amazing Russian artist who is virtually unknown in the West. Trained in the tradition of Soviet Realism, Moiseyenko was able to forge a new expressive style of painting that established him as one of the most famous painters of the Leningrad School in Russia. 


Kent, Rockwell

Referred to as the modern Ulysses, Rockwell Kent was an intrepid traveler, prolific artist and a brave activist. As an artist Kent found inspiration in the austerity and stark beauty of the wilderness. He studied under a number of influential painters and theorists of his day, including William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri. Kent’s first one-man show in 1907 at Clausen Galleries in New York met with wide critical acclaim, establishing a foundation for his lasting reputation as an early American modernist. Read More


The Hyde Collection

The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, New York is among the exceptional small art museums of the Northeast housing distinguished collections of European and American art. 

Art Practice

Art Defines Home

Contemporary American artist, Jenny E. Balise, shares her experience of exhibiting in China five times during a fourteen-month period from 2015 to 2016. Collaborating with Chinese artists Balisle embraced their culture calling it her second home. 

Art Reviews

Changes in Portraiture

Today’s portraiture has become a storytelling medium that is as powerful as ever at opening one’s eyes to the visual culture that surrounds us.

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