Renoir, Pierre | Finding Structure

A comprehensive lecture on Renoir's use of color and composition through out his career. Renoir was a far more complex and thoughtful painter than is generally known. Discussion includes a video lecture as well as text and images spanning Renoir's entire career. 


Rembrandt | His First Break

During the decade of 1630 we see a meteoric jump in Rembrandt’s skills, style and compositions. This period was the foundation for his later work when he produced some of the greatest masterpieces the art world has ever seen.

Art Collections

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Artist Kathleen Lack discusses her recent visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Built with the intent of creating a cultural epicenter and as the perfect location for an ever-growing art collection, today the museum is a visual delight. You truly feel that you have been invited into someone’s Venetian palace for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is a museum of inspiration, that feeds your soul, as any good museum should do!
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Art Practice

Art Reviews

Making Women Artist Visible

Women artists have always existed, but they have often been invisible. Despite the persistent obstacles of sexism and racism, they have worked steadily and in increasing numbers. So, why have traditional art history texts consistently ignored women artists, or if they recognized them, dismissed them as insignificant? 
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Art Movements