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Renoir, Pierre | Finding Structure

A comprehensive lecture on Renoir's use of color and composition through out his career. Renoir was a far more complex and thoughtful painter than is generally known. Discussion includes a video lecture as well as text and images spanning Renoir's entire career. 

Chinese Contemporary Art

China | Art Defines Home

Contemporary American artist, Jenny E. Balise, shares her experience of exhibiting in China five times during a fourteen-month period from 2015 to 2016. Collaborating with Chinese artists Balisle embraced their culture calling it her second home. 

Academic Drawings

Museum Collections

Hermitage Museum Collection: 1700s

By the end of the eighteenth century the Hermitage Museum was already one of Europe’s finest museums. Catherine the Great had acquired not only a wide variety of classical works, but also paintings by contemporary western artists. Catherine defined the trends in collecting, which set high standards that have been impossible to ignore ever since. 

Art Movements

Avant-Garde: The Lenin Years

At the onset of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 history took an unexpected turn and the art of the Russian avant-garde suddenly was in a position of power. Russian avant-garde art became the new image and voice of Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) government.

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