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Serebryakova, Zinaida

Born into an artistic family, Zinaida Serebriakova was destined to become an artist. With a deeply feminine style, her paintings center around women. She embraced a genre known as Neoclassical Revival, which marked a noted shift in the world of art, of which Serebriakova was a key contributor.
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Video Lecture Series

Art of the Romanov Dynasty​

Part 3 of my series on the art of the Romanov Dynasty covers the tsars – Paul, Alexander I, Nicolas I and Alexander II. We see Russian artists flourish and for the first time to compete amongst their European contemporaries.

Part 1: 1596–1696                 Part 2:  1696-1796
Art of the Romanov Dynasty Part 1            Art of the Romanov Dynasty Part 2

Impressionist Artist

Cassatt, Mary

A rediscovery of Cassatt’s work today reveals not only her beautiful artwork but also a fresh insight into the culture in which she lived and worked; how she used her personal circumstances to create the most far-reaching opportunities. Perhaps it is for this reason that she has been coined an “American Treasure.”  > Explore Here

American Artist

Fish, Janet

Janet Fish is known for her highly chromatic paintings and reflective surfaces. The subject matter of her paintings include glass and other transparent substances such as plastic, as well as, a space fully populated with objects. There is frequently an underlying reference or narrative that is deeply personal. > Explore More

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